Kudos from Readers


This site is great fun to build, maintain, and add to, but what's the point if no one reads it? We are pleased to get email from people who have enjoyed our site. It's especially gratifying to know when we have made a woman (or man) pause and think, reconsider underlying assumptions, or become aware of new ideas and interpretations.

On this page, we publish just a few of the many positive emails we have received over the years.

I am an 18 year old student in Canada. I found myself with an essay 
topic regarding the third wave of feminism. The question asked whether 
or not it existed, and until I found this page, I had not decided. Not 
only did you provide me with a thesis, but a completely different outlook 
on feminism as a whole. 

We were asked in class if we considered ourselves feminists, and I did 
not know how to respond. Naturally, I matched myself against the 
"Second Wavers" and decided I wasn't completely. But if I think about 
it, I am. I can see what women are dealing with in the workforce, the 
economy etc. and can relate to it all. I know that someday I might 
have to choose between having a family, putting my career on temporary 
hold (because let's face it, I can't give birth in an office) and 
being as competitive as men in the workforce. I look to the third wave 
of feminism to correct that, among other issues. I shouldn't have to 
choose. I truly enjoyed your site, and found myself reading almost 
everything on it, not for the purposes of my assignment, but because 
it fascinated me. I thank those of you who put so much effort into 
creating this site, and who have put so much effort into changing the 
conditions I will face as a young woman.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  
I did a search for Third Wave Feminists and found your little slice 
of cyber-heaven.  I have been posting at the Ms. Bulliten Boards and 
it has been a rude awakening.
When I've tried to share how being a stay at home mother was, first 
and foremost, a feminist based decision for me, I've been dismissed.  
When I point out that undervaluing and dismissing what has traditionally
been women's work, I'm ignored.  Better yet, I'm told I'm a pawn of 
"the state" and not really making my own decisions.  ARG!
So, THANK YOU!  You've saved this 31 year old woman's sanity for the 

I love your website. I stumbled upon it when I typed "feminism" into an 
Internet search engine. I hesitated to call myself a feminist for a long 
time because of all the negative connotations attached to feminism by the 
media (for example, the misconception that all feminists are "men-bashers"), 
but this stuff is great! I have always emphasized the fact that what I'm 
fighting for is a better, more equal world for both men AND women. Your 
website contained a lot of views similar to my own, and also had gave me 
perspective on issues to which I hadn't really given much consideration in 
the past. I actually spent hours today just reading as many articles I could 
and finding out more information to base my beliefs on. Ultimately, my life 
goal is to save the world, to make it better in whatever little way I can, 
and to eliminate the misconceptions and the negative values promoted in 
today's mass media. I strongly believe that one of the most effective means 
we have to do this is through example and education. Your website has helped 
"educate" me (and hopefully countless others) so that I can make a bigger 
difference in the world through the way I live my life and through what 
others learn from me.

I just wanted to thank you for the work you put into making your website a 
stimulating, educational, and thought-provoking experience for me!

I cannot tell you how impressed I am by this site. I have just finished
reading every article available and I feel refreshed to know that there
are other people out there who feel they way that I do about feminism
today. Thank you, thank you !!

Dear WWWavers,

Thank heavens you've come along!  I'm too old to be
revolutionary.  My 21 through 13 year old children
smile patronizingly when I rant about women's lives
and then lose a word mid-sentence. They need to hear
your voices.

I hope that you have room for women like me in your
movement.  My peers never did.  Every time someone
would ask me if I worked, I would answer "Yes, I'm a
homemaker."  A silent incredulous stare would be the
answer. I've raised my own 4 kids, and many of the
neighborhood kids while their folks were doing
"important" work, and I suppose I would have raised
many more if I'd stayed in the classroom, but I would
have had no energy for what has been and still is the
work that centers me.  Administering a household is
worthy work that has been taken on by women over
millenia.  I hope you have a place for those of your
age who do that worthy work.

I just visited your site and absolutely loved it! It's the first time 
I've found a feminist site that resonated with my own experience of 
feminism. I suppose that's because most of what I'd found had been 
second wave resources, and as one on the trailing edge of the third 
wave (I turned 20 in May) I found that I often felt as though they 
were talking about other people, even though I consider myself a 
I figured that was because of the focus of my feminism. See, I'm Roman 
Catholic and am called to be a priest. You see the problem. Thing is, 
I don't want to become Episcopalian (that would help nobody but me, 
and the idea doesn't fit me anyway) and although my experiences with 
paganism were positive, is didn't fit either. Anyway, most of my focus
has been on the theological aspects of feminism, and the feminist 
aspects of theology.

So, most of what I was finding in "feminist" resources said 
absolutely nothing to me. There was no room for "non-political, 
non-economic discussions, and it always felt as though there wasn't 
supposed to be.

Until I found your delightful site. Although you don't (as least as 
far as I had time to read) go into theology or spirituality, there is 
a definite sense of openess and acceptance of different foci, 
different opinions.

Thank you for putting up this site!

Hello, I am a 20 year old college student and I just 
wanted to comment that I have stumbled upon your page and find it to be very 
informative.  Thank you so much for taking the time to publish this 
information so that young feminists can become educated and empowered.  One 
year ago I was in a miserable, mentally abusive, co-dependent relationship 
and saw no way out. Through the help of some dear strong smart women in my 
life, I have broken the pattern that my mother, grandmother and many others 
have set of ending up in a relationship forever that does not recognize the 
beauty, intelligence, and needs of a woman.  I have now realized my true 
potential for happiness, self actualization and control over my life.  I am 
thankful that at this young age I have learned that I do not need a man to 
be happy, and I plan to excel in all areas of my professional and personal 
life without the help of men who are deluded about gender roles in our 
society.  I am a part of a new generation of feminists who rather than show 
their beliefs through protest, show them through success and education.  I 
have a lot more to learn, and our society needs a LOT more work in this 
area, but I am happy to see the success of your site which denotes that 
PEOPLE ARE LISTENING...Keep up the good work ladies and never stop making 
yourself and helping others be HEARD...Thank you.

I just visited your site today for the first time.  Congrats on a
straightforward, enlightening site which actually touches upon the fact that
not all of us are heterosexual.  Too often when I search for
feminist-related sites I come upon pages which are totally irrelevant to
lesbian and bisexual lives.  These are the same sites which claim they speak
for 'all women' at the expense of race, SES, sexual orientation, disability,
etc.....keep up the good work, and perhaps you will include more articles on
sexual orientation-related issues in the future.

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