JAWS Diary

Journalism and Women Symposium/Sept. 24-27/Sundance, Utah

by Janis Cortese

Guess where we were this past weekend!

Four of us were attending the Journalism And Women Symposium, or JAWS -- a conference of women journalists from all media: radio, TV, print, and the web (which explains why we were there). You can see their own website at http://www.jaws.org/. It's the fifteenth such conference, and was held this year in Sundance, Utah, home of the famous film festival and the writer's workshop sponsored by Robert Redford. It's also drop-dead gorgeous, but we'll get to that later.

We were approached by one of the journalists who was interested in setting up a panel for third-wave feminists and how we view the second wave, and are distinct from it. Sidra was invited to speak on the panel, and Cindy, Janis, and Kim were able to attend to cheer as well as schmooze and speak informally for the site. Alana and Fazia were, sadly, unable to attend.

The conference itself consisted of a number of panels, speakers, and films shown for all of us, as well as the requisite wining and dining and recreational activities (I actually rode a horse!). There was so much to talk about that we can't fit it all in one page, and you can find out about our general impressions, as well as panel and film reviews, and fun stuff below. When we get a chance, we'll be sure to link in some photos of the goings-on, from Anita Borg's talk to our trail ride at the Sundance stables!

We're so there next year!